A growth team with a “just do it” mentality

A growth team with a “just do it” mentality

Belgian SMEs are the engine of our economy. We truly believe that. And to make that engine run optimally, we are there with our “just do it” mentality. The 3 godfathers of JDI therefore joined forces to set up an SME with their complementary knowledge.

JDI team when they received their Hopin certification
JDI has a lot of experience with the growth of Belgian SME

Practice what you preach!

Through our years of experience with various customers in all sorts of areas, we know what works and what does not. But we also know that there is no fix-all solution. Every client has its own story and every client deserves its own approach.

When you bring us on board, you get the strategic, tactical and operational support you need to realise your growth ambitions. Don’t expect recycled advice, but the drive and desire to achieve results together. We don’t copy paste! We are realists who complement your own team and we are a virtual part of your organisation.

JDI works according to 5 growth values


van Goesting

This stands for the drive we have to go the extra mile for you. To write your new story together from beginning to end and to see your business grow.


van Resultaat

You will rarely find a more result-oriented approach than ours. And in a sustainable way, because – with all ambition and focus on quality – we always include the human element in your story.


van Ondernemend

‘Entrepreneurs for growth’ is twofold: we co-create with independent entrepreneurs and all those who are changemakers in their jobs. We will get along just fine, as long as you have a sense of initiative, are surprising and think out of the box. Like us.


van Eerlijk

We are straightforward in all our contacts. We don’t talk down to you, but look for solutions adapted to the situation in your organisation. This requires trust in each other, but works most efficiently.


van In Team
(in a team)

We want to function as a virtual extension of your organisation, working ‘in team’ and realising your growth ambitions together. We, that is always at least one JDI employee with access to the collective memory of the entire JDI team. This keeps you perfectly on track for growth.

Certified partner

Over the years we have obtained many partnerships and certificates, which make it even more interesting for our customers to work with JDI.

JDI is a certified partner of Hopin, insights, google adwords and others

Insights Discovery provides insight into behavioural preferences with the aid of a simple colour language, and offers concrete handles for the development of effectiveness at individual, team and organisational level.

Get found in online search results and use Google Ads to easily promote your business.

Hopin is an all-in-one video streaming platform for online events with a very user-friendly interface. The possibilities for hybrid and online conferences are endless. Also online networking and integration of third-party applications such as Kahoot, Miro, Slido, Syncwords, etc. are possible.


Hubspot are software products for inbound marketing, sales and customer services. You can easily programme emails in it and use it to follow up all your customer contacts and leads.


If, as an entrepreneur, you want to receive financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your business, you have to work with a recognised partner. And JDI is just that!

KMO portefeuille

De “werkbaarheidscheque” subsidy helps you to gain insight into your organization and to draw up a plan in which the way of working gives energy instead of taking energy. You can have up to 60% of the investment subsidised!


If your company is located in Wallonia, you can receive financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your business with the cheques-entreprises.



Alex Verhalle

Foto & Video Expert

Ante Rimac

Strategie Expert

Chris Timmermans

Web Development & Advertising Expert

Christine Esteingeldoir

Talent & Organisatie Expert

Els Aelbrecht

Talent & Organisatie Expert

Erik Hubin

Creative Expert

Eva Franckx

Graphic Expert

Hardwig Aerts

MarCom Expert

Inge Vandyck

Office Expert

Jolijn Vannuffelen

MarCom Expert

Luc Van Utterbeeck

Strategie Expert

Nico Ivens

Sales 4.0 Expert

Patrick Desaeyer

Strategie Expert

Petra Andries

Content Expert

Ron Meijer

Talent & Organisatie Expert

Tim Vloebergh

Social Media Expert

Sofie Vanderhaeghe

MarCom Expert

Stevie Jacobs

Content Expert

Stefanie Vanmeerbeek

Digital Tools Expert

Tom Florquin

MarCom Expert

Valérie De Schutter

Graphic Expert

Quinten Heeren

Digital & Data Marketing Expert

Gipsy Van Utterbeeck

Chief Heart Expert

Our “just do it” mentality

JDI is there as a strategic, tactical and operational result-oriented co-creator. As a bridge-builder we are your ideal all-round growth partner with our 360° approach but we work with you in the way you prefer. JDI à la carte in other words!