You’ve got a friend in us!

You’ve got a friend in us!

You are on the vacancy page of JDI. Lucky you!
Because we can’t wait to have some fries with you! Here you are dealing with a group of growth experts who live with a ‘just do it’ mentality. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA and there is always room for another plant (or tree) in our garden.

The team of JDI in Neerijse
25 specialists with each their own expertise

What will you contribute to our mix?

JDI has grown in a short time from 3 to 25 specialists, each with their own expertise. The colour book of JDI spans the whole spectrum. From result-oriented entrepreneurs to enthusiastic creatives to structured project managers.

But each contributes to a close-knit team. Do you want to keep your secrets to yourself? Fine… be that way. But here we share our expertise and learn from each other.

But there is also room for:

Just Drink It

Because we are fans of a small drink to quench the thirst. Preferably on the terrace of Brewery De Kroon, our regular Friday afternoon relaxation fun.

Just Devour It

Because in addition to strategic, tactical and operational plans, we also know all about the assortiment of sauces to put on our fries.

Just Defeat It

There is nothing that can get uw down. Our motto is ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’.

Just Dare It

Because by now, you must be dying to come and work for us!

What can you expect?

Come work for JDI in Neerijse
  • Offices with room for creativity, located in green Neerijse between Leuven and Overijse.
  • You can choose between an Apple for your health or Windows to broaden your view.
  • Fun with a close team of go-getters as your colleagues.
  • Our neighbour Polle, who brings us fresh honey from his bees every month.
  • A grunting office dog who likes to share your lunch.
Gypsy, the officedog of JDI in Neerijse