An ambassador program in 6 steps

Find new customers and retain existing ones? Easy when you collaborate with your ambassadors!

Word of mouth is the best advertising for a business. And online, nothing works better than third parties promoting your services or products. Those third parties are ambassadors for your brand.

But where do you find them? How do you span them for your cart? How do you make them say the things you want them to say?

With this program, you will discover how to:

  • Figuring out who all your ambassadors are today;
  • you can make ambassadors aware of your brand, their role and their influence;
  • Making them post the right things;
  • determines who creates and/or shares what messages;
  • ambassadors actively engaged.

Download the 6-step plan here

56% of regular online shoppers choose an online store based on social media or influencers.*

*DPD Group. (2020). E-shopper barometer 2019 BELGIUM report. France: DPD Group.