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  • Growth mindset for teams

    Teams with a growth mindset exhibit more persistence. Even in the face of adversity! They put more focus on the learning process and carry ...

  • Insights team development

    All artificial intelligence notwithstanding, companies only exist because of people. More than that, people are your company's most valuable asset. With engaged, ...

  • New teams program

    With the agile mindset in mind, forming new teams is a necessity. Agile, strong teams are indispensable for a ...

  • High performing teams program

    Existing teams looking to move more toward self-direction or problem teams where tensions prevent good cooperation can be very ...

Strong teams, strong organization!

Thanks to innovation, the business landscape is constantly changing, and you need people who are willing to go along with your vision. Don’t get bogged down in job descriptions and lists of requirements, because within the 3 years that job may no longer exist. An agile company is a strong company, and that starts with the agility and team performance of your people.

Our trajectories

How do you take your teams from a static to a growth mindset? And what levers can you use for this?

Teams with a growth mindset exhibit more persistence (even in the face of adversity), put more focus on the learning process and contribute more to a common goal. They also develop greater organizational commitment and look more from an organizational perspective.

When you notice that problems within your teams cannot be expressed and there is little trust among team members, you need an Insights Discovery exercise. This tried and true methodology allows team members to get to know each other better and it gives them insights into how to work better together or why the same tensions always recur. During a
Insights Discovery exercise literally requires you to show color.

Are you a team that hasn’t worked together yet? Do you still experience too little trust among team members? Are you ready to get to know each other better as a team? With the agile mindset in mind, forming new teams is a necessity. Agile, strong teams are essential to a healthy business, and the more a company grows, the more new teams will be needed. Getting new teams started effortlessly and getting new or newly formed teams to work together more optimally works better with JDI’s New Teams course.

Are you part of a team sitting with problems that are not being voiced? Or as a team leader, do you still experience too little trust and concrete agreements among team members? As a CEO or HR manager, are you ready to get the best out of your teams to give your company that (needed) boost? Then this interactive course is for you!

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  • JDI made a fantastic contribution to supporting and guiding our managers in a context of great change. The creative response to and co-building of our story, the enormous flexibility to provide substantive and practical solutions, the sense of co-creation and the enthusiasm of JDI made us feel like a real "partner" in this joint project and not an "ordinary client."

    Marleen Van Gompel

    Responsible development & learning performance management, Crelan

These growers know our “just do it” mentality

Working at JDI: doers wanted!

Is customer focus and commercial thinking in your DNA and are you still looking for great colleagues to end the working week with? Found!

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