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  • Ambassador Program

    An ambassador is a colleague who is proud of his work and company. And really conveys this: both in his behavior and in his communication, ...

  • Employer branding and talent marketing

    Attracting the right profiles for your organization is not always easy. To increase the influx of new talent to your job openings, ...

Be the change: evolution of the labor market in Belgium

By 2030, some 4.5 million workers will need to retrain and 310,000 will need to retrain to maintain sustainable jobs. If decisive action is not taken soon, some 584,000 vacancies will go unfilled by 2030.

What can you do to prepare for that big challenge? Watch the video below with Jeroen Franssen of Agoria and get immediate new insights.

Our trajectories

Job applicants are increasingly behaving like consumers. Before applying, they want to know more about your organization. The culture, the mission, the values and also: the image. This is how they weigh whether your organization suits them. It is therefore obvious to treat future talent as consumers. And how do you reach them? With marketing. In fact, with talent marketing you are able to attract new talent that you can’t always reach with “traditional” recruitment

Every company wants motivated and engaged employees. But how do you realize this? And how do you turn your employees into true ambassadors?

An ambassador is a colleague who is proud of his work and company. And really conveys this: both in his behavior and in his communication, both to customers and new colleagues. Thus, an ambassador takes an active role and thus goes beyond a satisfied employee:

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  • Thanks to JDI, Cegeka has succeeded in defining a clear business development methodology in a manual that is a mixture of what JDI offers as best practices and the concrete tips & tricks that already exist within Cegeka. This manual must allow new and existing employees to do business development more efficiently. We would not have succeeded in this alone - so thank you JDI for coaching and designing this approach!

    Johan Lybaert

    VP Application Division Social Impact, Cegeka

These growers know our “just do it” mentality

Working at JDI: doers wanted!

Is customer focus and commercial thinking in your DNA and are you still looking for great colleagues to end the working week with? Found!

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