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Ambassador Program

An ambassador is a colleague who is proud of his work and company. And really conveys this: both in his behavior and in his communication, and this to customers and new colleagues. So an ambassador takes an active role and goes beyond a satisfied employee. But how do you realize this? How do you turn your employees into true ambassadors? We show you how!

JDI Summer Academy Employer Branding and talent marketing

Who is this track for?

For business owners, MarCom and HR managers who want to turn their employees into ambassadors. Thus, through them, they can also help colleagues, future colleagues and customers like your organization.

The trajectory in a nutshell

JDI has developed a roadmap and program to activate motivated employees to become true ambassadors.

JDI in a nutshell


Day 1

Analysis of current situation & processing of objectives

Creating buy-in among executives

Day 2

Selection of ambassadors

Both internally and externally, who is the face of your company?

Day 3

Rollout of ambassador program

How do you structurally establish your ambassador program within your company?

Day 4

Deployment of tools + development of leadership skills

Monitor the progress of your ambassador program

Day 5

Personal development plan + follow-up by steering committee

Embed your ambassador program into your corporate culture


To offer participants a neutral location away from the office, we partner with LofttoBe. Their inspiring spaces give oxygen to any team event.

Ask your question

We work out this course to suit your needs, situation and the number of participants.

Patrick, from Talent & Organization is happy to help!

Nico Ivens JDI Summer Academy expert

More impact thanks to your ambassadors?

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