Growth downloads

  • Team development according to Lencioni

    Lencioni's pyramid shows the steps each team must take to collectively deliver sustainable results.

  • Website Grader

    In today's digital world, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for increasing your visibility and attracting relevant visitors.

  • Growth in Competencies

    Investing in the talents and competencies of your employees ensures more job satisfaction and better results. If you describe those competencies well, at least. Only then will there be clarity about exactly what it is about.

  • Convincing generations is how you do it

    Regardless, common environmental factors influence the attitudes and behaviors of members of different generations. In this download you get an overview about Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials and Diginatives

  • An ambassador program in 6 steps

    Word of mouth is the best advertising for a business. And online, nothing works better than third parties promoting your services or products. Those third parties are ambassadors for your brand.

  • Buyer Persona Checklist

    Well-described buyer personas help everyone in your organization think and take action in line with your customer! The better you understand your customers, the better you can provide them with what they need: relevant inspiration and information tailored to them.

  • Obtaining the “kmo-portefeuille” in 6 steps

    As an entrepreneur, the SME portfolio allows you to receive financial support for services that improve the quality of your business. Applying for that support is not always easy. But with JDI's 6-step plan, it's child's play!

  • Translate your business vision into concrete actions in 4 steps with OGSM

    OGSM, which is a clear business plan in 4 steps. JDI already has a handy template ready that will get you on the right track right away. This is how you translate your corporate vision into concrete actions!

  • Step-by-step plan to connect on LinkedIn

    Connections make the world go round! Download your roadmap with helpful tips and tricks here and learn how to continue connections made face2face online!

  • Roadmap to your authentic pitch

    Pitch Perfect- Self-assured in 60 seconds thanks to this free step-by-step plan that lets you write and deliver your own authentic pitch!