Growth inspiration

  • Take advantage of the SME portfolio now

    Little time? Click through to: Added value of a strategic sounding board The importance of your own story: successful start with SME portfolio What the SME portfolio provides grants for Added value of JDI as a registered service provider The SME portfolio: practical Added value [...]

  • Optimize processes first, then digitize!

    It happens more often than not: companies with growing pains seek solutions in digitization. Teams choose tools and applications and after a year they only half use them. Or no more at all. Because in such a digital system, you have to put in work and type in data.

  • What kind of leader do you want to be (today)?

    For best results, strong leaders adapt their leadership style according to the situation and the employee. Anyone can learn to do that: read how here.

  • Employer branding: a must for every company

    If there is 1 thing that digital natives can detect like a bloodhound from afar, it is social media fakeness. So, even in your employer branding, stay real. We'll show you how to do it.

  • Why other companies do find talent

    In today's War for Talent, how will you still find the talent you need to grow your organization? To increase the inflow to your company, it is important to evaluate all your touch points with (potential) employees.

  • Find people, not resumes

    Did you know that the application process is in need of an update? After all, the job interview is the first offline touchpoint potential employees have with your company. We give you tips and tricks!

  • 11 trends and challenges affecting every business

    Whether we like it or not, every business faces trends and challenges! We are truly in a decade of change. If you want more than just survival, keep these 11 developments in mind.

  • Score with these 10 forms of video marketing

    Videos themselves are barrier-reducing, but the threshold toward video content creation is still a step too high for many. No worries. We'll inspire you with 10 forms of video marketing.

  • Insights Discovery: through self-knowledge to sustainable results

    Companies only exist because of people. As such, they are our most valuable assets. Insights Discovery helps people better connect with others through self-knowledge, leading to greater and more lasting results. Engaged, enthusiastic employees give your business wings, and with the Insights model, your growth takes off in an absolute big way.

  • Check out our JDI Showreel

    Video marketing is on the rise! Because of the many stories we have already had the pleasure of telling about our clients, we have already amassed a nice showreel. Discover him here.