First, some numbers:

87% of marketers say video marketing has a positive ROI
18 hours per week is the average of people watching online videos
8/10 of viewers say video had a direct impact on their purchase

So video marketing is hot! Especially in 2021, necessitated by Corona, but the trend continues into 2022 as well, and we predict that video marketing will be a real keeper.

Video marketing showreel

Over the years we have had the opportunity to tell very many great stories for our clients. Product videos, aftermovies, webinars, captures of live events, corporate videos,… The reasons why customers want a video are very different. Each reason has its own ideal form of video marketing, and with their fun adventures, we have now created a veritable JDI video marketing showreel. Find out about him here and also especially let us know how we can help you in your video marketing strategy!

Need even more impact?

  • Optimize processes first, then digitize!

    It happens more often than not: companies with growing pains seek solutions in digitization. Teams choose tools and applications and after a year they only half use them. Or no more at all. Because in such a digital system, you have to put in work and type in data.

  • Score with these 10 forms of video marketing

    Videos themselves are barrier-reducing, but the threshold toward video content creation is still a step too high for many. No worries. We'll inspire you with 10 forms of video marketing.