The loft studios as a unique setting for webinars, livestreams & social media

Through collaboration with our partner (and neighbor) LofttoBe, the loft studios were created. JDI brings its audiovisual expertise and LofttoBe the inspiring backdrop. Webinars, livestream, social media content and multi-camera setup are possible.

You give us the challenge, we take it with both hands.

The loft studios as a unique setting for webinars, livestreams & social media

loft studio for webinars, livestream, social media
Green key studio

A versatile studio with endless possibilities. Ideal for webinars or product videos.

LofttoBe Industriall loft

Choose one of our studios that suits your style and the communication you bring to your target audience.

LofttoBe The Roots

Here there is room to dream. Multicamera setups are also possible in this large space.

They already enjoyed our audiovisual services

Green key for professional webinars

Forget presenting via Zoom or Teams, with an ugly background, slides that are difficult to read and audio that is not stable.

  • The green walls are replaced in post-production with a nice background and fine-tuned slides
  • Presenting can be done with an autocue, where you can read your full text just like a newscaster.
  • It’s not live! The recording can be stopped at all times after a mistake and restarted without any problems. The magic of editing sticks everything together seamlessly afterwards.

Interactive live stream
for all your customers

A fun livestream provides interaction with your audience (hello new customers) and a much greater reach than if you were holding an event face2face. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram also favor live video content in their algorithm so you will also stand out more and be able to stand out from your competition. Position yourself as the thought leader in your industry because livestreams are actually easier and more affordable than you might think!

  • The JDI livestream setup is mobile. Use one of the loft studios for a professional stream or broadcast from your own office? Our production staff will support you from a to z.
  • Do you have your own slides? Perfect. Would you like the JDI graphic designers to take a look at it? Also good!
  • We partner with several streaming platforms including Sessions and Streamyard. With their online interactive tools, we keep your livestream alive.

Social media content with impact

Social media remains hot and especially for talent recruitment it is a real must have. Gen Z is emerging these years as consumers and as employees, and these digital natives are looking for everything. So just be sure that, even before they have fully read through your job posting, they have already found you on LinkedIn. It is therefore necessary to provide them with the right content there as well.

  • Do you have an idea of your own that we should develop or do you expect us to provide a complete social media plan? Let’s sit around the table together.
  • Testimonials from satisfied employees, customer interviews, aftermovies, internal communications, cooking recipes, corporate videos, employer branding campaigns….you name it, we did it!
  • Our production is mobile. Enjoy unparalleled service in the loft studios with catering or let us come to you for strong custom videos.

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