More impact through leadership training, coaching and educating your employees

Leadership Pathways

  • Start-to-lead program

    Have you just become a leader and are not yet 100% sure about your leadership skills? The Start-to-Lead process helps you to build your teams, including ...

  • People management program

    Experienced leaders help their teams by giving them direction even in changing times. They can enthuse, support and agile them ...

  • Executive program

    The JDI executive program is specifically designed to help experienced executives regain direction for their teams in changing times, ...

Other courses

  • Individual coaching

    Individual coaching allows you to develop your talents, your potential and your pitfalls under the guidance of a certified coach. ...

  • Insights Discovery personal growth

    Get to know yourself and use that self-knowledge to connect with others in a better way. Insights Discovery shows ...

Personal growth: becoming who you really want to be

Everyone talks about growth. But in addition to professional growth, personal growth is also very important. Do you really want to go for it? Then start with yourself. Discover how to live your personal mission, what you need to do to grow as a person, what you can do about this yourself and how you can accelerate your growth as an entrepreneur.

Our trajectories

Both novice and experienced leaders need deeper knowledge and skills to guide, enthuse, support and make their teams agile in changing times. Together with the client, we developed customized pathways according to the needs of the team. In addition, we have 3 proven programs:

The Insights model teaches people to better connect with other people through self-knowledge. It is a means to achieve faster, better and more sustainable results together in a professional context.

More than 20 years ago, Andrew and Andi Lothian developed this methodology based on psychological insights from Carl Jung. Their basic premise is that all people are unique, have deep-seated preferences and therefore a particular view of situations.

Insights shows the influence of those preferences on your leadership style, on your dealings with others and on your added value to a team. Knowing these will also help you connect with others better. If you have better contact, they reason, you will also work better together.

Insights identifies 4 basic behavioral preferences that determine how you react, think and act.

Individual coaching is a powerful methodology for developing your talents, your potential and your pitfalls under the guidance of a certified coach.

In an individual coaching program, professional development goals of the coachee are the focus. Setting up and achieving these goals tailored to the coachee are the subject of a number of sessions that usually start with a tripartite consultation between coach, employer and coachee in which each party has specific roles to play.

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  • JDI made a fantastic contribution to supporting and guiding our managers in a context of great change. The creative response to and co-building of our story, the enormous flexibility to provide substantive and practical solutions, the sense of co-creation and the enthusiasm of JDI made us feel like a real "partner" in this joint project and not an "ordinary client."

    Marleen Van Gompel

    Responsible development & learning performance management, Crelan

These growers know our “just do it” mentality

Working at JDI: doers wanted!

Is customer focus and commercial thinking in your DNA and are you still looking for great colleagues to end the working week with? Found!

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