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Executive program

The JDI executive program is specifically designed to help experienced executives re-direct, enthuse, support and make their teams agile in changing times

JDI Summer Academy Employer Branding and talent marketing

Who is this track for?

As a board member, do you sometimes find yourself in situations with employees where you seem to get stuck? Or do you often experience resistance from your employees? Are you ready to become a stronger version of yourself as a board member? Then the 5 interactive days of the executive program are ideal!

The trajectory in a nutshell

We are fully committed to C-level directors looking for a sounding board, individual coaching or sessions with their team.

  • Leadership and team collaboration

  • How do you recognize and deal with emotions now?
  • How do you translate your goals into concrete, measurable and trackable actions?
  • How do you influence people with your communication style?
JDI in a nutshell


Day 1 & 2

Leadership is about team collaboration

As a leader, how will you achieve optimal cooperation in your team.
Using Lencioni, we analyze the health of your team to evolve into a team canvas around optimal collaboration

Day 3

How do you recognize and deal with emotions?

Emotion management workshop around empathy and EQ, recognizing and dealing with different emotions and why this is crucial for executives

Day 4

How to translate your goals into concrete, measurable and trackable actions

Workshop around developing vision and mission and translating it into an OGSM plan for the team with priorities

Day 5

How do you influence people with your communication style?

Interactive work on effective communication using Leary’s rose and the LSD method

Individual counseling and coaching

In conclusion, 6 sessions of individual counseling and coaching with ICF coaches


To offer participants a neutral location away from the office, we partner with LofttoBe. Their inspiring spaces give oxygen to any team event.

Ask your question

We work out this course to suit your needs, situation and the number of participants.

Patrick, from Talent & Organization is happy to help!

Nico Ivens JDI Summer Academy expert

Time to take your leadership skills to the next level?

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