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Insights team development

All artificial intelligence notwithstanding, companies only exist because of people. More than that, people are your company’s most valuable asset. With engaged, enthusiastic employees, your growth takes off, and that’s where, as far as we’re concerned, the Insights model comes in. This helps people better connect with other people through self-knowledge, leading to greater and more lasting results.

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Who is this exercise for?

When you notice that problems within your teams cannot be expressed and there is little trust among team members, you need an Insights Discovery exercise. This tried and true methodology allows team members to get to know each other better and it gives them insights into how to work better together or why the same tensions always recur. During a
Insights Discovery exercise literally requires you to show color.

The exercise in a nutshell

The JDI Insights Discovery exercise is a 2-day interactive and hands-on session where we focus on:

  • Greater self-insight: Discover what motivates you, or keeps you from performing at your best.

  • Understanding others: Understanding your own preferences also helps you understand why others behave differently.

  • Tuning in and connecting: Those who recognize the difference in others can adjust their own communication style accordingly.

  • Action: If you know what your qualities and pitfalls are, what gives you energy or stress, you can get focused on personal growth



Online survey

Beforehand, each participant completes the online survey so that we can start the exercise with everyone’s personal profile in hand.


Day 1: Trust begins with knowing

Discover your strengths and those of your team members with Insights Discovery


Day 2: Making conflicts negotiable.

Feedback & Feedforward using the Insights D4 model


Intervision sessions

In conclusion, 5 intervision sessions with ICF coaches


To offer participants a neutral location away from the office, we partner with LofttoBe. Their inspiring spaces give oxygen to any team event.

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We work out this course to suit your needs, situation and the number of participants.

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Nico Ivens JDI Summer Academy expert

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