Increase inflow to your company with the 4 attributes of the attractive employer 

VDAB’s figures don’t mince words. The number of registered job seekers is down 14.8%. But the number of vacancies received by VDAB in February 2022 increased +64.5% compared to February 2021.  

How will you still find the necessary talent to grow your organization?

To increase the inflow to your business, it is important that as an employer you think carefully about all your touchpoints with (potential) employees. Because in addition to the image where you yourself so working hard on it, will dhese the after all mee shaping. En this image may not be entirely in line with who you thought you were.  

Increase your intake is how you do it! 

Stand out with your branding

Writing out a job posting and sitting back with your hands on your neck might have worked 10 years ago, but unless you are a household name like Google or Microsoft, you will have to work on your employer branding if you want to be the McDonald’s pole on the horizon.

It is not for nothing that you often see strong employer branding in technology companies. They have been feeling the shortage of sought-after profiles for some time, so they are extra aware of the power of a good online sign.

Structure through culture 

How employees communicate with each other, form teams and how things go on in the workplace on a day-to-day basis shape your company’s culture. So use this culture to give structure to your employer branding. Don’t make up a Friday afternoon Monopoly tournament just so you can post a cute picture. Your employees will soon notice when only cool things are done for the grams’ and then they drop out. A heartfelt photo of some colleagues having lunch together does much more than an imposed event that no one feels like attending.

Persuade during recruitment

Ping! An applicant’s resume lands in your mailbox. Now what? Who decides whether to invite him? Who is calling him? Who will meet him? Quite a sandwich of questions but they are all very important if you want to provide the potential employee with a pleasant job application experience . Does a sought-after profile notice that there is no compliant process and that everything is in shambles, he can feel free to join 10 other employers where things are going well. And you….you have lost your potential talent!

Modeling can be learned! 

But let’s face it! The odds of having the perfect candidate in the chair for you are dropping as more and more people leave the job market. The perfect candidate is no longer the one who can do everything, but the one with the assertiveness and drive to learn new things. So it may also be time to set up your job postings differently. Determine some must-haves and then model your ideal employee yourself!

Laying foundations in the onboarding 

Yes, another step forward. The spoils are in! Or…that’s what you thought. Because the high number of open positions makes it easy job hopping these days. If you arrive at a company as a new employee and no one catches you, why should you stay longer? So you definitely need to think carefully about onboarding new employees. How do you get them fully deployed as quickly and as well as possible? First impresions count!

28,800 seconds to pop that 1st day of work 

In fact, it really should be a separate function: The Welcomer! The one who takes the new employee in tow for those first 8 hours. Who shows him the cafeteria, who knows where to get the best sandwich lunch and who leads him in to the team. The first day of work should be a celebration, no running around to IT for a computer, to the front desk for a badge or the very worst: sitting at a desk with nothing to do yet. Also, think carefully about “The Welcomer. Want to move toward self-directed teams, then you best choose someone from the new employee’s team. This may possibly be further assisted by someone from HR for the facts & figures. 

Bel promises deliver in the long run

Employees who communicate praise for your company will always attract new talent. Therefore, betting on the ambassadorship of your employees definitely pays off, and it actually starts from the beginning. Make sure that what you promise comes true! What about your employees’ job happiness after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years…

A dynamic career

The best career goes horizontally, diagonally and even sometimes downward. If you promise advancement opportunities at the interview, make sure they are there. Only then can your employees evolve with the growth of your company and commit to workable work.
The best defense against the difficult influx of talent is to make sure you
as little of your existing talent as possible!

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