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High performing teams program

Existing teams that want to move more toward self-direction or problem teams where tensions prevent good cooperation can make very big strides with JDI’s High Performing Teams program.

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Who is this track for?

Are you part of a team sitting with problems that are not being voiced? Or as a team leader, do you still experience too little trust and concrete agreements among team members? As a CEO or HR manager, are you ready to get the best out of your teams to give your company that (needed) boost? Then this interactive course is for you!

The trajectory in a nutshell

  • Creating trust within the team

  • Encourage vulnerability within the team

  • Making conflicts negotiable

  • Encouraging engagement

JDI in a nutshell


Day 1

Trust begins with knowing

Discover your strengths and those of your team members with Insights Discovery

Day 2

Vulnerability in team is the basis

We use Lencioni to create your team diagnosis and make the team healthier through a team canvas

Day 3

Making conflicts negotiable

Feedback & Feedforward using the Insights D4 model and discussion of group dynamics

Day 4

Stimulate engagement by bringing everyone together around 1 goal

Workshop around developing vision, mission, purpose and translating into an OGSM plan for the team with priorities

Day 5

Behavioral agreements within the team

Determine your team culture and values and make clear agreements with each other as a basis for optimal collaboration from an agile mindset

Day 6

Optimize your internal organization

Translate your team culture concretely to internal organization with agreements regarding roles & responsibilities, consultation times and way-of-working


As an option, monthly sprints with some retrospective meetings to make progress and intermediate results with agile coaches are possible.


To offer participants a neutral location away from the office, we partner with LofttoBe. Their inspiring spaces give oxygen to any team event.

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We work out this course to suit your needs, situation and the number of participants.

Patrick, our Talent & Development expert will be happy to help you!

Nico Ivens JDI Summer Academy expert

Time to take your team to new heights?

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