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Change process

Change is the only constant. So discover our effective approach to change processes. This is how we help you successfully implement necessary changes in your organization.

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Who is this track for?

People make your business. If your people don’t want to join you, then you have a serious problem. That’s why this change process was designed specifically for CEOs and HR managers who noticed that the upcoming change could well cause problems. With this track, everyone regains confidence and you get all noses back in the same direction.

The trajectory in a nutshell

In 6 interactive and hands-on days, we look at the following things:

  • Strategic scenarios and choices

  • Raising awareness of change process

  • Create a high performing change team
  • Optimize your organization

JDI in a nutshell


Day 1

The company’s strategic scenarios

Trend analysis, business model canvas, scenario building

Day 2

The company’s strategic choice

Burning platform, vision, mission, purpose, OGSM

Day 3

Awareness of change process and resistance

ADKAR, CLARC and Kugler-Ross

Day 4

Create a high performing change team

Lencioni analysis & team canvas around optimal collaboration in the change team

Day 5

Agreements within the team around change

Roles & responsibilities, consultation, way-of-working, transformation ambassadors & agile mindset

Day 6

Optimize the internal organization in terms of skills & mindset

Foster growth mindset and feedback culture


Monthly sprints with several retrospective meetings to review progress and intermediate results with agile coaches


To offer participants a neutral location away from the office, we partner with LofttoBe. Their inspiring spaces give oxygen to any team event.

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